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" I guess I would say that therapy with you was very instrumental in me getting myself to this better place I'm in now. The talking, the emdr and eft we did together was almost like magic, like everything progressive and painful I did have to work at it but much of the work only seemed evident when I saw positive changes and results in myself. In other words I feel like the work was going on in my head and I didn't have to think, analyze or work at it too hard atall. Just be true to myself. (the Iboga does that too but your way is much gentler....both have played their part)

Anyway one of the most delightful after effects of the emdr therapy was and still is that I now look at pictures of myself as a baby/child/teen and see someone I love,i actually feel tenderness towards the two year old me in a picture on my wall.
The weird thing is all my life I didn't even know I wasn't actually able to look at that little girl. I did look but just felt a slightly stomach churning emotional pain,i guess I was familiar with that pain thats why I didn't notice it until it was gone. And what a relief, I'm not saying I don't feel pain anymore but I don't block it out anymore...i used to look at the photo and have simultaneous pain and blankness, now I look and feel tenderness, understanding and love.
I do think this has had a massive impact on the way I feel about myself now,i no longer slip easily into victim or destructive modes and I feel more valid.
This has freed me somewhat and no longer being addicted to opiates was a goal I was aiming and working for. 
Understanding and letting go of my past, the abusive childhood and subsequent abusive  situations i immersed myself in has freed me to enjoy life now because I realise there's nothing actually faulty with me.
I always thought I was certainly flawed or broken about me id never fix. I remember saying that to you soon after we met ' there's something not right about me and I don't know what it is'
Now I see things very differently. I accept who I am wholeheartedly. I am unique and I, like everyone else am different and wonderful.
I could ramble on saying the same thing in different ways...reasons, understanding and explanations seem inadequate. Im just grateful and happy "
T, 2010 - 2012
"I remember the first time I had a hypnotherapy session with Tracy.
I wasn't feeling good.  I felt stuck.  I wanted to get out but felt too lost.
I remember a big red hot air balloon, untying the tight knots, cutting
the thick ropes...
I can still remember looking up at the sky the next morning.
The sky looked very blue and the trees looked very green.
Sounds cheesy but it's true.
Something shifted inside me after that.
I sometimes tell people 'I left my husband because of that hot air balloon' :o)
I feel very grateful to have Tracy in my life.
I've had a number of different treatments with Tracy.
Hypnotherapy, EFT, meditation, EMDR, drawing, playing with sand :o)
Helping me to understand myself.
Getting back in touch with myself.
Laughing, having a little giggle together too "
A, 2011 - Present
" I have never even met Tracy and she has helped me change my life for the better. I have been having Skype therapy for a number of months. I know she is someone I can count on, a sound listening board. She has helped me through depression with hypnosis and EFT and just being there patiently listening to me. Nothing gets past Tracy, even when I was in deep denial, she persevered with me " 
S, 2011 - present
" My husband and I are communicating far better since the commencement of therapy. We are arguing less. Thank you Tracy "
F, 2011 - present
" I had a strong craving and started tapping, as Tracy had shown me, within 10 minutes the craving had gone. When I started counselling I didn't think I would get anything from it. Working with Tracy has helped me to see my life clearer, I now have a better understanding of myself and the patterns I have fallen into in the past "
S, 2010 - present.
" I tried EFT and to begin with I did feel silly, doing the tapping and not really understanding how it would help me. I was very surprised how much came up through doing it, which I was then able to talk about. It really helps that Tracy taps too, she is very in tune with the process, saying the gritty stuff at the right time. I now feel that my body is like a storage cupboard, holding on to life's memories and emotions, and like most cupboards, things get lost, mixed up in a pile or stuff drops down the back and gets forgotten about. But it's still there taking up space. EFT tapping helped to release these emotions in me, even the ones lost down the back of the cupboard, that I had forgotten, the ones I had no use for anymore. It's simple, powerful and effective and reminded me that the body will speak it's mind eventually " 
W, 2008 - present 
" There is a great deal to be said about the therapeutic relationship, and for the time being I have not enough words and too many to express here what it means to me. But it is super special that's for sure. 
Tracy my therapist is a beautiful being, and the day I walked into her room was the day I won a type of lottery. I had no idea that it would later feel like the best and most important decision ever. My life was never the same again, doors opened, lightbulbs came on and even though sometimes it felt they went off for a while, even the darkness had changed. Once my eyes were open to certain things there was no shutting them. That's the thing about therapy it's about change and growth. Once you've grown you can't ungrow and why would you want to anyway? It's about taking
responsibility for yourself. I've heard it said over the years that counselling is only for people who are weak and messed up. Well I think I can safely 
say that it's probably the bravest thing I have ever done, and I'm a tough cookie! And as for the messed up bit, well you don' t go to the doctor if your 
in good health. 
Magic happens in the therapy room. It's a sacred 'relationship' and that its boundaried is even better. It's surprising what comes out of it but the 
links are incredible, it makes you realise that everything is connected, it's all relative "
B, 2008- 2011
Other Testimonials
" I would recommend Tracy's supervisory skills. Tracy always inspired me to broaden my knowledge and think outside the box, which helped me to develop as a counsellor. She speaks from the heart and has a down to earth approach, which always encouraged me to be the best 'real' counsellor that I could become "
Trainee counsellor 2009-2011
" Tracy's natural warm presence and caring character create a supportive environment based on openness and trust. Her creative approach to group work encourages open discussion and exploration of topics brought by participants. Working with Tracy in the group is inspiring and an on-going learning experience. I have realised the benefits of integrating a wide range of approaches when working with clients "
Sandra, Trainee existential therapist and group worker 2011
" I found Tracy knowledgeable, accommodating and respectful towards individuals within the group "
Sue, Attended one of my training events Nov 2011
" This has been one of the best training sessions I've been on. It has been enjoyable and engaging from the start, because the group was involved in all of the techniques, it has helped me to remember them. I loved it Tracy "
Attended one of my training events Nov 2011
" Brilliant training by Tracy, witnessed and experienced some great creative group work skills "
Andri: attended one of my training events Nov 2011
" Opened my eye's to explore feelings in a way I had never experienced before, fantastic "
Ross: attended one of my training events Nov 2011